Your New Running Partner: The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS

9 July 2012, Comments 2

The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS

First of all, I’m not  a regular runner, I usually use interval resistance training and metabolic conditioning to get that “cardio” boost. Although, that’s nothing against running, that’s more on my personal choices for conditioning. Running is still a great way to stay in shape and its accessibility is of course it’s best attribute. And you know me, as long as it promotes fitness and wellness, I’m all for it. For the past few years, running popularity has been on a steady incline. This has caused a similar boom in new running equipment, apparel and accessories. Enter, the Nike+ Sportwatch GPS.

Nike started using the Nike+ technology with the use of a chip that you can insert in your Nike+ compatible shoe and with a sensor that you can connect to your iPod. Although this was a great tool, it had its limitations in terms of the amount of data you can get from it. With the new line of Nike+ products, it’s clear that Nike is the leader in incorporating technology into their gear.

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The options are all spelled out

It’s also pretty simple to use. It has 3 buttons that control navigation and operation and you have the options that you can see above. Clicking “run” would start your run by linking the watch to your sensor of choice (if you have a polar heart rate monitor, you can link this as well to keep track of your heart rate), and then youjust have to simply start moving. You can also use it as a regular watch and stopwatch and it also stores your history and personal records like your fastest mile, kilometer, 5k, 10k and your total milage along with your longest run.

Connect your watch to the computer to upload your runs

Built in to the watch is a connecter that slides in to your USB slot. This will prompt your computer to download the latest Nike+ Connect software which is a program that will be able to control your watch and will serve as the bridge for you to upload your runs to the Nike+ community online. I took mine for a short test run earlier today around Legaspi village and hooked the watch up after. These are the pretty cool stats I got.

My first test run

map of my run

Comparing myself to the world

Me being a stats geek, this helps me a lot so I can see my performance real time, and compare it with the entire running community. If you’re the competitive type, then this will really motivate you to break records. You can also set your goal in terms of milage, duration of the run and frequency of your runs. Nike has also come up with their own measuring stick when it comes to exercise which they call Nike Fuel.  So when you pair this watch with the equally awesome and much awaited Nike Fuel Band, you will have all the information about your daily physical activities. More on the Fuel Band when it comes out here in the Philippines :)

All this give the impression that Nike really really really wants you to run, and be active and fit, and with cutting edge equipment such as this, they are creating a community and a fan base that will help each other get to their goals.

Yeah, I think I’m gonna be running more this year.

The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS is available in Nike and running shops around the metro. SRP is 8495php

Thank you to my friend and Chappysystem graduate Mae Dichupa of Nike Philippines for this awesome piece of tech :)

2 responses on “Your New Running Partner: The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS

  1. Mico says:

    Been looking for a reliable GPS watch but found the Garmin and Polar watches pretty intimdating. This looks like a good option.

    Would you know how much they would price this locally?

  2. Otakore says:

    Hi Coach,

    Question – how’s the GPS? Is it getting good signal (consistent)? I’m planning to buy one but before that, please share your experience if it’s getting good signal.


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