Workout: Work Capacity Training

23 February 2012, Comments 0

First of all, the “work capacity” that I am referring to here is a method of training and not the general term of the capacity or amount and quality of work that you can do. Although it is very much related to that as well, what you’ll see in the video is a conditioning method that I first saw with kettle bell guru Steve Cotter. It is designed to increase the amount of work you can do in one minute with the aid of a simple metronome or in my case, a gym boss.

The method is simple, set the metronome or gym boss to go off at 15 beats per minute then do a repetition of the exercise every beep. If this is too hard, bring it down to 12 bpm. If this is too easy, bring it up to 20. Stay within the beeps and don’t get ahead or behind of it. This teaches you to emphasize form and will give you a great sweat. For my regulars in my Tuesday and Wednesday classes at 360, you know what I mean, right? :)

I usually use 5 simple exercises and play around 15-20 beats per minute. Sometimes I use a kettle bell. Here’s something that you can try:

15 reps per mintue

1. Kettle bell or dumb bell full squat

2. Burpees

3. Push ups

4. Kettle bell or dumb bell snatch

5. kettle bell or dumb bell press

If you want to add a pull movement and you have the gear, you can add pull ups or jungle gym rows to the routine and take away the last exercise.




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