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9 February 2012, Comments 0

Take Flight (image from Lifeline USA)

Later today, I will be guesting for jam 88.3 on their sports show with Eric at 11am. I will be talking about my suspension training system of choice, the Jungle Gym XT. This is the system that 360 has been using for almost a year already since we switched over from TRX. I’ll be on the show with the marketing head of sportfit incorporated, Goody Custodio. We will be giving away one unit of the Jungle Gym XTs complete with the tutorial DVD  and workout poster. TO find out how, just listen to the show and answer my question at the end of the show :)

I mentioned TRX, and although it is still the premiere suspension training system (STS) worldwide, I’d like to make a case for the Jungle Gym XT.

The Jungle Gym XT complete with door anchor, strap connectors, workout poster and DVD

First of all, the Jungle Gym XT is actually part of a whole line of equipment called Lifeline USA. They have a whole bunch of other fitness equipment most of which however are small or what bigger gyms call “accessories”. What I  like about lifeline is that even though their entire line of equipment are small, it all makes sense. And when you put them all together, you can actually build a full functioning gym minus the heavy machinery. I’m a minimalist when it comes to equipment and if you’re like me, check out their entire line here.

Like any STS, the jungle gym can hang from anywhere like vertical or horizontal poles, or trees and overhead beams. The great thing about it though is that it already comes with a door anchor which is usually sold separately for other systems.

Then there’s the construction which is very sturdy. It still uses Nylon straps but the straps are actually separate from each other unlike the TRX. This allows you to work on multiple angles of tension. Either going wide for that horizontal adduction, neutral for beginners or narrow for less stability. The straps can also hold 300 pounds of tension each so that’s 600 (EDIT: apparently I was wrong, it can carry up to 1000lbs per strap!) pounds overall. I also like the easy in foot cradle which helps you put your foot on in seconds.

Easy-in foot cradle and handles: sturdy

Finally, there’s the price. The jungle gym costs a low 5990 which is almost half of what other STS cost and already with the door anchor (TRX door anchors cost an extra 2000 pesos). Most Filipinos that don’t have an STS have blamed the high price and some have even resorted to making one themselves which is a very dangerous risk. think about it, in most exercises you are hanging or at an angle, what happens when your straps snap? Better be just safe and get your STS from the store.

I’ll be talking about suspension training in another article here when I show you the benefits of suspension training. For now, tune in to JAM 88.3 and get a chance to win the Jungle Gym XT!

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