When Functional Becomes Crazy

9 April 2012, Comments 0


The Fitness Community has been in an uproar for the past few weeks since this picture surfaced online. People have blasted the trainer and his methods which are questionable at the least and dangerous to everyone who might try it. Is this what trainers think Functional Training is? Functional training is more than that and most trainers make the mistake of equating balance training to it. True that Balance training is an important component to everyday functions but it shouldn’t be the end all be all. 

I have actually done the exercise shown above but it took me a while to master even just standing on the swiss ball. But I did it mostly for fun. Sure it showed me that my balance and stability are good but when you think about it, rarely will you be presented to a real world setting where the surface your standing in is similar to a swiss ball. 

Functional Training is essentially training to improve one’s function. So if you are training for the circus (which we never know, the guy above might be) then by all means do the exercise above, otherwise, you’re better off training on the ground. Most people can’t even balance correctly on 2 legs, what more if you introduce an unstable surface.

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