Weekly Challenge no. 2: Push Up To a Tighter Core

8 October 2012, Comments 0

Coach Yogi being strong.


The Challenge:

At least 30 Push ups per day for the next 7 days.

The first challenge went well. I don’t know about you guys who tried it but I felt a lot of differences on my energy levels throughout the day and I lost 2 pounds and body fat went down to 10% from 11%. Pretty good for a week’s worth of water.

For this week, let’s try something a little bit more physical, shall we? Let’s take on the humble Push Up.

Push ups, in my opinion are still one of the best upper body exercises that anyone can do. Yes, that means you too girls. Push ups are often times forgotten and replaced with the famous bench press and chest press variations. Though these are excellent lifts, nothing beats the portability, simplicity and utter effectiveness of the push up.

It’s a compound exercise which utilizes a lot of the muscles that I’m sure you want to work. These are your pectoralis major (chest) anterior deltoid (front shoulder) and triceps (back of the upper arm). Aside from these, since you are not lying down, as you would in a bench press, the surface area in contact with a stable space is much less (feet and hands), this activates your core muscles (abdominals, obliques, glutes, low back) since they are needed to keep that rigid plank that you see in a proper push up.

see the yellow straight line from the ankle to the shoulder.

Can’t perform a proper push up? Modify it by going on your knees and keeping that straight line from the knee to the shoulder.

30 Push ups isn’t that bad. Don’t be too intimated by it. Can’t do 30 straight? Cut it down to 2 sets of 15, 3 sets of 10 or even 6 sets of 5. You will find that everyday that you do this, you will slowly be able to do a little bit more per set. 30 too easy? Go for 40 or 50 or like what I did exactly a year ago, 100 per day.

Try it out guys! :)

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  1. Love the blog chappy! Good to meet you in Manila and hope to catch up soon. Keep up the good work! Jack

    • Coach Chappy says:

      Thanks Jack! Just doing my part in the big scheme of things. See you in bangkok or manila whichever comes first. haha

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