Weekly Challenge no. 1: Water is Life

30 September 2012, Comments 8

I love it when the first day of the month falls on a Monday. It just makes everything easier. Like starting a program, or in this case, a challenge. It’s Challenge time once again here in the blog! Although in the past, I’ve done a lot of monthly challenges, I’ve come to realize that you have to walk before you run….right. So I decided to make weekly challenges. The first one is a bit personal but if you see yourself in a similar situation, or if you want to restore some order in your life and in the process shed a few pounds, then please, join me :)

I have a confession: I love to eat.

I may be a picky eater according to Bituin (and most of my family) but give me a table full of everything I like, then only the 20 minute rule can stop me from eating. (The 20 minute rule is the time it takes for your brain to realize that you are already full. This is why you get fatter with fast food, research shows, you need only 8 minutes to consume a full meal in a fast food joint and over 30 minutes to eat in a traditional sit-down resto. The result is you eat less calories before your brain tells you you’ve had enough). 

But I’ve noticed a dip in my energy for the past month and I think this is a combination of a lot of things (Bituin is giving birth soon, less sleep, more clients). But I also have to admit, although I’ve been relatively disciplined with my food choices, I haven’t been the same with my drink choices. I started drinking soda again and had an abundance of sweet drinks (including a lot of energy drinks, my version of coffee, since I don’t drink coffee a lot) for the past month and my body is starting to rebel.

So, for my first weekly challenge…

I’m gonna borrow one that my brothers did a few months back, and it is to only drink water for the entire week. Food is of course ok but one reason why some people aren’t losing weight (even if the think they are on a diet) is that they forget about the liquid calories. This is where a lot of calories (not to mention sugar) hide which when added up, gets in the way of weight loss.

So, if you want to join me for this week, the rules are simple, avoid any and all drinks except for water. That means no coffee, beer, wine, energy drinks, soda.

A couple of exceptions:

1. You can drink fruit and vegetable juices provided they come from the actual fruit and you see it being prepared in front of you or you prepare it yourself. Also, don’t add sugar, syrup, or anything sweet.

2. If you lift weights a lot (and I mean a lot, like 5-6 times a week) then you may drink your protein shake. But if you want to be strict with yourself, just eat eggs in the morning and forget the shake. Also, make sure that there isn’t a lot of sugar in there.

Some pointers:

1. Try not to compensate by eating a lot of sweets.

2. Bring a water jug or a water bottle with you always. So that when you get thirsty, you won’t end up buying anything sweet.

Obviously, with less sugar in your diet, you should see a bit of difference on the scale, even with only a week’s time. Hopefully after a week, the results along with your general feeling of less sluggishness and more energy, will convince you to continue this habit.

So who’s with me? :)

8 responses on “Weekly Challenge no. 1: Water is Life

  1. wartica says:

    I think we all love to eat; this society makes it almost next to impossible to not be tempted by junk, but you seem like you’re doing something positive about it:)

  2. challenge accepted…hopefully this can turn great for me..is there a maximum of water intake per day?because as what i read, there is such thing as water intoxication..

    • Coach Chappy says:

      I generally follow the rule of half my body weight in pounds in ounces of water. So for me, I weigh 175 lbs, I drink around 90oz of water a day or around 10 cups. Water intoxication also happens when you drink too much, too fast, so spread out your water consumption throughout the day and you should be fine.

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