Weekly Challenge 6: 20 minute meals

1 December 2013, Comments 0

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December is here. Where did the year go? I guess that’s how you feel like when you have a 1-year old for the first time. It seems like she was just crawling around in the bed and now she’s walking all around the living room. It’s amazing how much time goes by without us even noticing it. The same actually goes for the food that you eat.

We all know that December is a great excuse for all your diet rules to go out the window. You know it, we fitness people know it, and it’s come to be accepted that when our clients come back in January, they will come back a few pounds heavier. However, December is a full month, and it’s only the first week, so we might as well start it with a week-long challenge.

In anticipation of the coming parties and gatherings, let’s try to make the first week as disciplined as we can.

From December 2 until December 8, time yourself as you eat and take 20mins for every meal.

Sounds simple? Did you know that the average person takes an average of 8 minutes to finish a meal. Now that’s fast food. Why 20 mins? Because that’s how long it needs for the brain to recognise fullness. When you eat quickly, you actually consume more calories than you need because the brain doesn’t recognise yet that you’re full. By slowing meals down, it will help you consume less total calories.

Some helpful tips that you can use:

  • Eat with a friend. Eating with a friend, a loved one or companion and having some conversation will slow down a meal.
  • Chew your food for 20 times before swallowing it. This doesn’t only slow down you eating, it actually aids in quicker digestion.
  • Don’t eat on the go. That means in your car, while walking, or while standing up.
  • Sit down during meals, literally watch what you eat. Being mindful of what you eat decreases the likelihood of overeating.

Think you can do it? :) Let’s go!


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