Weekly Challenge 4: The 5K fuel Challenge

17 June 2013, Comments 0

This one’s for my Nike plus friends and readers. Nike has an innovative point system which converts activities and movements like runs, resistance training, calisthenics and everyday functions into “Fuel”. Fuel is their way of tracking your movements and thereby, your fitness. The simple fact is that the more you move, the more your body is active and the fitter you become. Nike recognized this and made products revolving around this concept like the Nike fuel band and Sport watches and basically everything in their Nike Plus line.

I’ve been using my fuel band for 138 days and I’m even more aware of my movements (or lack thereof  on certain days) and it’s cool to see my Fuel go up each day. From day 1, I’ve been hooked. Nike has made the experience of exercise a lot more interactive and fun. Anyone who does that has my support.

Here’s the challenge: Get 5k worth of fuel points for 7 days.

I’ve never done it myself although I’ve had 8k fuel days, so this will also be a challenge for me.

Of course a prerequisite of this challenge is for you to have any of the Nike plus products and to join the community. You can do so here.  Add me up also by searching my name there so we can check each other’s progress.

Think you can do it? Let’s go! :)

For more info on Nike Fuel, visit this link.

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