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2 December 2012, Comments 0

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You can die from too much water, but you can’t die from too many electrolytes.                                                                                                   – Cassidy Philips, creator of Triggerpoint Performance Therapy

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I use that phrase whenever I give my Triggerpoint and SMRT-Core workshops and I never realized how much electrolytes make a difference until I started drinking Lightwater. I knew that they were good but I didn’t want the hassle of buying the dissolvable pill kinds and those are pretty expensive also. What I didn’t know, was that there was something readily available in most supermarkets and convenience stores in the form of Lightwater.

You see, when the body goes through an intense exercise session or activity, there is a need to correct not only the dehydration that is taking place, but also, the electrolyte imbalance that has probably happened. When we work and sweat a lot, we try to drink as much water as we can, however, it shouldn’t stop there because as Cassidy said, you can die from too much water, a condition called hyponatremia where the body’s supply of electrolytes is diluted therefore your body starts to react in ways that aren’t entirely pleasant (nausea, headaches, muscle cramps and on worse cases, come and even death). That is why, proper hydration also means proper electrolyte balance.

I didn’t know what I was missing until I spent an entire week (this happened 2 weeks ago) drinking lightwater as my main source of hydration. The first thing I noticed was my energy levels. I’m normally an energetic guy but for some reason I didn’t get that mid afternoon slump that I usually get especially on a heavy training day. This translated to more focus when it came to my clients and higher quality workouts as well. I also felt more refreshed after each gulp and was less dry specially since the heat was horrible that week. Speaking of gulp, just drinking this stuff feels so much better, you can just feel the purity of the water you’re drinking, no unwanted chemicals or byproducts, just pure simple water and electrolytes.

The best effect is of course on performance. Workouts, not to mention simple movements are much much easier, simply because of the quality of hydration your muscles and joints are getting. When I say easier, it doesn’t mean of course that the workouts are a breeze, it just means that you can actually do more stuff while maintaining the quality of your workout. And in the world of exercise and sports, it’s these little things that make a load of difference. To make it even more potent, especially pre and during workouts, I add rock salt for sodium, also a very important electrolyte when it comes to work outs (Lightwater has Potassium, Calcium, and Manganese).

Of course I don’t just wanna write about it, I wanna let you guys experience the difference as well, so how about a little contest?

Let’s do this one over twitter. First step is to follow me, just click the follow button under “Updates” on my sidebar. Next, follow Lightwater also via @drinklightwater. Then watch out for my question tomorrow afternoon. I’ll pick a random number, and if you get the question right and land on that number, you will win for yourself an awesome Lightwater goodie bag! :)

Simple as that, now get some lightwater, try it on your next workout session and feel the difference :)

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  1. Not entirely true. Too much Sodium in a hypertensive patient can lead to acute worsening of hypertension enough to cause stroke (bleed) and kidney failure. Too much Potassium can lead to arrhythmias leading to death. Too much Calcium can also cause spasticity and some muscle problems (including heart muscles). Fortunately, overloading on potassium and calcium is difficult to do if you take things by mouth. however too much dietary sodium does result in problems :-)

    • Coach Chappy says:

      You answered your own statement :) on sodium, the timing of consumption also matters. That’s why I only add sodium when I work out. There’s enough sodium in Filipino food, that’s true.

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