Tuesday's Questions: Post-natal core exercises, cooling down and my seminars

6 March 2012, Comments 0

This week I got my fair share of odd questions once again like how to get rid of the “kiliboob” or the loose skin found between the armpits and the breasts that some girls have (most of the time, it’s loose skin girls, unless you want to develop muscle on your chest, then there’s not much we trainers can do about it) and how to improve performance in marital activities (hip dominant exercises and lots of love). There are some though that stood out and are important so I wrote about them below.

Before that though, a lot of people are asking if I hold or speak at seminars. Yes, I do speak regularly at seminars and I will keep everyone updated through my Facebook and Twitter. For March, on the 31st, I will be speaking on alternative methods for conditioning specific to basketball for the Sports Science Initiatives group. For more info on that, check it out here. I will update you guys on my coming trigger point and Powerplate certification courses.


From my cousin, kuya Bongky, “What are some good core exercises for a woman who recently just gave birth?”

Post-natal programs are important for a number of reasons, most important of which is to keep the mother physically healthy while nursing and taking care of her child. When you look at functional training, the programs should impact the mother so that she can improve her function at this point which is essentially, motherhood.

The word “core” however is often mistaken for strictly “abdominals”. The easiest way to picture the core is to just take away all of the extremities. That means take away the arms, legs and head, what you are left with (hips, glutes, abdominals, back, chest) is the core. So working the core doesn’t only mean working the abdominals.

One of the realities of child-birth is that your skin will expand because of it. There’s really no going around this. There are lotions and creams to help the skin and there’s also cosmetic surgery. Some girls are lucky and their skin doesn’t sag but some are just natural “saggers”. Exercise can’t do much with lose skin and this is one time where I will recommend cosmetic surgery if you do desire to get your skin tighter.

In terms of core exercises to lose some of the “baby fat” that you developed with your pregnancy, first make sure that you have the doctor’s consent to begin exercise again. As for exercise selection, I’d go with push ups and body rows for the chest and upper back and planks, side planks with hip mobility, and reverse planks for the abdominal, hip and lower back region. Hip raises and leg raises for the lower abdominals to round it all up.


This one is from an anonymous reader who asked about the importance of cooling down after a workout. Is it really that important?


The short answer? Yes. I know that some people hate stretching after a workout because it does take a lot of time and effort, but it is very very important. Cooling down after a workout lower your body temperature although not to complete resting levels (you’re elevated temperature and the presence of heat increases post-workout caloric burn and facilitates weight loss). This is important for the body to slowly but optimally recover. Stretching also lengthens muscles and increases blood flow to the working muscles which also facilitates nutrient delivery so the muscles can start the recovery process. Thus it is very important to cool down after a work out to start the recovery process faster.


That’s it for now! For your questions, just email me at cscallanta@gmail.com :)

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