Tuesday's Questions: On Valentine's, Yoga, and Running

14 February 2012, Comments 0

It’s Tuesday and it’s time to answer your questions again! Thanks to all of you guys who e-mailed your questions. I had fun answering them. Please remember though that I will not entertain malicious and disgusting questions, you guys know who you are. Finally, if I wasn’t able to answer your questions, sorry, I will try better next time :) you can reach me at cscallanta@gmail.com

“It’s valentines day, is there any special exercise I can do to prepare for it?” – DJ Lambert from Jam 88.3

First of this question should’ve been asked at least a month ago. If you want to improve your physique or ehem performance, then you should’ve been training for at least a month already.  That being said, there are still some exercises that can get you pumped up or toned down for this special  night.

For the guys lets focus on what girls normally like to check out especially when you’re out on a date and wearing a nice shirt or suit. I have on high regard (my wife and some girl friends) that girls look at the chest and shoulders, butt and the gut (or should be, lack thereof). So is there anything you can do today to work those areas? Well, in a way, yes.

There  is such a thing called transient hypertrophy or the immediate inflammation of the muscles after an exercise session. This lasts for about a couple of hours so try to work out right before your big date.  Focus on full body lifts that emphasize on those areas. A good lift would be the bar bell dead lift. This works your butt, shoulders, arms and back so that you have good posture for your date. to work those pecs, get a superset in (2 exercises done in succession with no rest in between) of dumb bell or barbell bench presses and declined push ups. 10 reps each for 3-4 sets. This will surely wake up your chest muscles and give them a little pop that will impress your lady. For the gut, planks are my go-to exercise to make those abs pop (if you have some semblance of them already of course). If you don’t then try to get a  good sweat on with a nice 30 minute run or a a whole body circuit.

Of course guys, all of this will be for nothing if you don’t groom yourself properly. Make sure to shower and shave after your workout.

For the girls, I would like to apologize in behalf of man-kind if we seem like pigs sometimes.  When I asked my guy friends what they check out I got the usual response. Your, umm, bosoms, arms butt and legs are the areas we check out. The first one, I really can’t do anything about, just do with what God gave you, be confident and you’ll be fine. For the arm legs and butt however,  I suggest this simple 5 exercise circuit: dumb bell burpees, lunge and press, push ups, body rows and standing rotation. These work those areas great.

Again , these suggestions could work but it would still be best if you started working out a month ago. Not only will you look better but for those married couples out there, your “performance” will also increase :)

Happy valentines!

“Hi! I would just like to know, which is better? Gym or Yoga? And what are the benefits? San mas nakakapayat, mas mabilis magka-abs, overall beneficial, etc.” – Michelle Pelino

First of all I’m gonna assume that when you say gym, this means resistance exercises like weight training (dumb bells, barbells, kettle bells) and body weight training like push ups sit ups, etc. Now that that’s clear, yoga and resistance training are two totally different workouts. True that they both work on the same elements which are balance and stability, mobility, strength, endurance, and power. However, yoga focuses more on balance, mobility and flexibility. You do get strong with yoga and some of my yogi friends are the strongest people I know. However, these people have been practicing for years so they’ve invested their time and money for it already. In resistance training, you focus less on flexibility and balance but more on strength and power. In terms of the aesthetic benefits or kung saan mas nakakapayat, it will depend on how much you practice yoga/resistance and your diet as well. Yoga does a lot of lengthening the muscles whereas sa resistance you try to get that muscle pumping so you’ll get toned muscles. On abs I’ll give the slight edge to yoga since you involve your core more in the moves.

All this being said, no matter the exercise, your results will be directly related to the quality of your effort. Nothing replaces that rule.

This next one was asked by multiple people. With the Unilab run coming on march, a lot of people are preparing for their races. A common question being asked is what’s a good exercise to improve your running time?

When you look at running and how to improve your performance, the easiest place to look are your legs. So it would make sense to focus on your legs on the weight room right? Although this is true, there’s a lot to running than just legs. First, it goes without saying that running form is crucial. So if you have a running coach friend or if you have access to one, get a lesson. It is very crucial.

For runners, I try to look at what could be common problems.Running is actually a high impact activity to your joints. With every step that you take, your joints take forces up to 3 and 4 times your body weight. When you run a 5k, that’s around 5000 steps, that’s a lot of force. So injuries can occur. It’s important to make sure that the muscles surrounding your joints are strong and work in synergy to create a fluid running motion. Before everything gets complicated though, some exercises that will benefit runners should focus on the core , hips, shoulders back and yes, legs. Core and hip exercises like planks, medicine ball rotations, kettle bell swings and reverse planks are good. All movements are anchored by the core so it makes sense to work it out. The back should also be strong enough to support all of the forces traveling through your body. Having strong shoulders gives you good arm mobility which will aid in your running. I like dumb bell curls to presses. Lunges and RDLs will work on your thighs and hamstrings and calves. There you go!

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  1. Me, me! I am one of the girl friends haha :) an yes, all of the above are very important.

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