Trigger point Therapy

21 June 2012, Comments 0

I was introduced to the world of Myofascial Compression Techniques and the method of Myofascial Release in Korea early this year in -11 degrees temperature and with matching hot fever. Still, the experience was cool and I got to know and understad how this revolutionary method can reap great benefits not only to your training but to your everyday functional movements.

TPTherapy creator Cassidy Philips with my sick cold self in Korea

A quick background and Myofascial Release. First, Myofascia is simply muscle and fascia. Fascia actually covers your entire body, as a layer of tissue under the skin and surrounding the muscles. What’s amazing about this is how it is in synergy all over the body so that when you manipulate the fascia on your soleus region (below the calf) your muscles in the shoulder are also affected. That’s because when you actually take out the fascia in the skin, it’s one whole structure. Pretty awesome how it works, really.

What Trigger point therapy does is that it manipulates specific areas of the body which are integral to movement, stability, and posture. The result after one session is amazing. Better posture, better biomechanics and less pain.

If you want to learn more about how triggerpoint therapy works, you can go to this website. If you really want to learn how to apply it to your clients or if you’re an athlete (recreational or not) who suffers from chronic pain or simply wants an edge in the competition, we still have a few slots remaining for this sunday’s seminar.

Just ask this guy, he seems to like it (photo c/o Kitsie Torres)

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