Today's "Chappy Meal"

21 March 2012, Comments 0

I taste...

Ok, let me explain.

This started when my friends (you know who you guys are) would ask me if  the food they were eating is “chappy approved”. I found it amusing but I also felt proud that they were trying very hard to stick to their diet. Exercise is easy, diet is a whole different game.

Confession: I love to eat. One of the reasons why I work out so much is because I eat so much. I love meat, I love bread, I love tuna, I love peanut butter. I love food. But of course we try to stay on the healthy side of what we eat. But it doesn’t hurt to remember the cardinal rules: moderation and variety. 

For a meal to be a Chappy Meal, it has to be complete, meaning it should have the right balance of nutrients, it has to be low fat and it has to be realistic, meaning it shouldn’t be a hassle to get or to eat.

It’s hard to find good healthy food out there and when you do, it’s usually expensive. I guess it’s not an accident then that the first Chappy Meal comes not from the Philippines, but here in Singapore. Introducing the Soup Spoon.

Bituin and I found the Soup Spoon at the basement of Bugis Junction, Singapore, although they have plenty of branches in the country. Bituin had the clam chowder and I had this:

I know the picture’s not very appetizing, I sort of came up with this whole idea mid-way through the meal. But trust me, it was good. This is the 317Cal  gluten and dairy free Irish Beef Stew with Stout. 

Why is it a Chappy Meal? Aside from it being gluten and dairy free, it also has a good serving of veggies in the form of carrots, onions, celery and the carb-veggie potato. I also tasted some beans which are good packets of energy. There’s also mushrooms and of course the beef which is lean even if it was marinated in beer. The soup came with a small piece of bread which makes it a big enough meal for either lunch or dinner. All in all, it’s a balanced, healthy, compact, and delicious meal. I just hope some business man from the Philippines can bring them over.

I approve.

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  1. mwahahaha this is so funny. chappy meal. love it!!

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