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4 August 2012, Comments 0

Cool video. It’s amazing how sports and technology can impact one’s life. There are literally millions of people watching the olympics unfold before us right now, and no matter how much we can make fun of the controversies surrounding the games, in the eyes of a kid, all he sees are his heroes lording it over the competition. Whether it be Phelps in the pool, Bolt in the track, or Carmelo Anthony scoring 37 points in less than 15 minutes, these are the modern day heroes of sport and what most young athletes are looking up to.

Someday, I’m gonna be the one dunking on someone.

Someday, I’ll hold a world record.


Though it’s great that we have kids dreaming of greatness and olympic immortality, this got me thinking though. What are we doing to help them?

Next week, I’m going to start training an “olympic prospect”. A very talented and well decorated swimmer who has everything going for him. He’s tall, long-limbed and most importantly, has the support of multiple private organizations. You can say, he’s got everything going for him. What’s sad though is that I’ve seen plenty of similar athletes around the country who has everything genetically going for them but lacks the financial capability and support that is undoubtedly needed to compete in the highest level.

So what can we do? The current Philippine olympic program, no offense to anyone who’s in it, is obviously not performing well. You just have to look at the number of olympians we have. We swung for the fences with our basketball program, and although that can still produce an olympic team someday, changing the coach and thereby disrupting the progress of the team is surely a step back.

We tend to focus on the obvious, we look for talent that is already established but by that time, it can be a little too late. We need to start earlier.

Grassroots programs are starting to be “in” nowadays. We are slowly starting to realize that we need to start developing earlier. The problem though is unity. Sports is one of the biggest businesses in the world. Just look at the ad above. And with business comes ulterior motives. Everyone wants to be the star, everyone wants to say that they produced the first Philippine gold. That’s something we can’t afford.

Speaking of grassroots programs, I wonder how many programs actually include strength and conditioning in their curriculum? Do you know that in some countries, even before the child learns a sport, they go through training movement patterns first? Do they know that the kid has to learn basic movement patterns first before they actually learn sport specific skills? 

Can someone help me provide a grassroots program that focuses solely on conditioning??? I need some funding. See, I told you, it all goes back to business.


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