The September Meat-less Challenge

31 August 2014
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31 August 2014, Comments 3


I turned 29 last month. I still can’t believe I’m closer to 30 now than 25. No matter how I deny it, time keeps moving and we’re only going to get older. But every year is also a chance for us to get better. I choose to believe in the later and that is why I try to start every new year if my life with a personal challenge. Last year it was keeping a journal for half a year. This year it’s all about vegetables.

See I’m a carnivore. I love my meat. And I have meat in most of my meals. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but as much as I know it’s important, I have a hard time getting enough vegetables in my diet as well. It’s not from the lack of liking vegetables although I do admit I don’t eat the right amount because there are some vegetables that I can’t stand (ampalaya, okra, ilocano pinakbet) and choices or vegetables can be hard when on the go.

Its no excuse though. We all know that vegetables are important for our health and immunity. It’s recommended that we eat 5 servings each of fruits and vegetables. I can honestly say that i don’t eat that much. If anyone does, good for you. Keep it up. Now, I’m also reading a book by Charles Duhigg called the Power of Habit and it teaches you how to breaks bad habits and develop effective ones. So I’m going to attempt to start the habit of eating vegetables everyday.

My personal challenge: For the month of September, I will be giving up pork, beef, and chicken.

Sorry if I can’t go full vegan or even vegetarian but I know my limits and I think I’ll fail if I do it like that. So I will stick to giving up these meats and rely on eggs, fish, and my trusty protein powders from Herbalife for my protein fix.

Why did I choose to do this challenge? Aside from what I said about vegetables being very crucial to our diet and how me like most people don’t get enough for our health. For the 2nd straight August, I have gone on 2 long trips and it has messed up my eating habits. Well not so much habits but just the volume of food that I’ve been eating has not at all been proportional to my weight. So this would be the perfect time to try and have a plant based diet to try and “detox” a bit from all the American and Thai food I’ve been eating this month (although Thai food is really healthy if you think about it).

So there’s my challenge. 30 days of no hamburgers, pork chops, steaks, chicken teriyaki, and pepper lunch. I’m getting hungry already.

Think I can do it? Think you can do it with me? :)

3 responses on “The September Meat-less Challenge

  1. Rachel Annunziello says:

    Love it! When I became a vegetarian I gained a whole new appreciation for veggies! Even though I’ve added meat back into my diet, I still love lots of vegetarian dishes I never would have tried otherwise. Check out my blog post on how to get more veggies in your diet! I would also recommend checking out corner tree cafe. It was my favourite restaurant while living Makati and it’s vegetarian ☺️

  2. Juris Dela Cruz says:

    Hi Coach Chappy! Is it okay to eat hard boiled eggs every day?

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