The New Med ball 100

20 September 2012, Comments 0

The humble medicine ball. Don’t be fooled though, cause it will humble you for sure. Try this new workout I designed to give you 100 reps in less than 4 mins. Do it for 3 sets to get more of the burn.

The Exercises:

1. 10 reps Sprinter’s Lunge per side

2. 10 reps uneven push ups with the medicine ball on the right hand

3. 10 reps Low squats

4. 10 reps  uneven push ups with the medicine ball on the left hand (same as 2)

5. 10 reps standing rotations per side

6. 10 reps plank with leg lifts

7. 10 reps Tricep push ups

8. 10 reps modified medicine ball burpee

I used a 5KG ball. You can choose to go heavier or lighter. Enjoy!

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