The Game Changer (a slight change of pace for the loveS of my life)

7 November 2012, Comments 0

photo c/o the wifey Bituin

Meet my beautiful daughter, Esther. Or who I fondly refer to as “the Game Changer”. For the past 9 months, I watched my gorgeous wife go through her pregnancy with Esther. Of course like any pregnancy, there were good and bad days and as a husband (I don’t know if it’s the same with everyone), you kind of feel helpless during those bad days. You try to make it better as much as you can of course, and we really should guys, but at the end of the day, it’s your wife who will go through child birth. She will feel the pain, carry the scars, and all you can do is watch, hold her hand, and cheer her on.


When your baby arrives, that’s when you need to step up big time. That’s when the game changes.

It’s no joke taking care of a baby. And I laugh as I type that because do you expect anything less? Anyone who warns you about the hardships of taking care of a kid, and is a PARENT, take them seriously.

What I didn’t expect though was how much I fell in love with my daughter the moment I first saw her. They say that for dads, they truly become parents when they see their kids, unlike moms who start during pregnancy. I can attest to that. That love you feel when you see your kid for the first time? Oh man, no words can describe it.

I also knew having a kid would give me more perspective on exercise. I knew even before Esther arrived that fitter people will have an easier time taking care of a baby for obvious reasons like improved stamina, strength, core strength, balance, and flexibility. Yeah, balance and flexibility play a big role. Imagine having no balance and flexibility when you’re carrying your baby on your own outside and then you have to pick up something from the floor. With your locked hips and tight back, how are you gonna pick that up?

I’ll write a separate post on what are some of the good exercises for expectant fathers. Trust me on this one guys. :)

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  1. Congratulations Coach! Great Pic with your daughter.

  2. Love it chap!! :) congrats to the new
    Mommy and Daddy. I’m sure you’ll make great parents. Esther is very lucky :)

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