The 360 Fitness Club Holiday Fitness Guide

16 December 2012, Comments 1


So the Christmas season is alive and well (parties, traffic, bonuses meaning more parties and traffic) and one thing inevitable during december: you wil gain weight. Or should it be?

I’ve always said that your body doesn’t care whether it is January or December, but of course your appetite does. There’s a reason why gyms make most of their money during January, everybody wants to lose the holiday weight. However, there are simple things that you can do DURING the holiday season that can help you at the very least, lessen the added girth on your bellies come new year.

If you follow my blog, you’ve probably seen my post on the importance of NEAT. If you haven’t, check it out. Basically NEAT, or Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis is what makes up most of our lives. We only go to the gym for around 3% of our total waking moments during the week so it makes sense that if weight loss is the goal, we should incorporate NEAT into our lives. For more on that, follow this link.

I mentioned NEAT because during the holidays, it’s a great way to at least get some activity and mobility in to lessen your weight gain. Now for those who are OC like me, I created this holiday fitness guide for 360 which you can use to manually keep track of the common christmas foods and more importantly, what activities you can do to negate the calories that you get from them (of course this doesn’t take into consideration the long term effects of eating lechon for an entire month but I hope that goes without saying). I derived the nutritional content of the common holiday foods with the help of our 360 senior coaches and then allotted “points” for each food based on caloric value and nutritional content.  So for example, in the picture above:

A glass of red win will set you back 1.5 points while 3 rounds of the 360 circuit will give you 7 points. It’s a system similar to what you see in weight watchers and like that program, it works. 

Some of the other foods and activities we quantified:

3 sets of 20 jumping jacks = +2 points

1 bottle San mig light = -1.5 points

3 sets of 30 burpees = +4 points

1 serving lechon = -2.5 points

Again the goal is for you to at least end up with a zero score at the end of the day. Of course a positive score is better :)

If you want to get the entire list of food and activities, just follow this link. It also has the score card that you can use to keep track of your points. :)

Happy Eating! (or not)

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