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Review: Dan John’s 10K swings workout

6 November 2013, Comments 0

I posted about Dan John’s 10k swings workout in a couple of weeks back. I was in day 5 when I posted that entry and now, I’m finally done with this workout. Man, 10,000 swings are a lot of hip extensions and my butt (although a lot… Read more

Breaking Down…The Kettle bell Snatch

1 February 2013, Comments 0

I like efficiency. Who doesn’t? In everything that you do, efficiency is key, right? You wanna get something done as quickly as possible WHILE maintaining quality. Exercise isn’t any different. Some of the best moves are those that hit plenty of… Read more

4 Simple Exercise Upgrades

21 January 2013, Comments 0

The new year brings a lot of people to gyms which unfortunately also brings a lot of bad habits. These habits start out when you see the muscle guy over at the squat rack squatting 400 lbs with his back arched and his knees buckling. But you see it… Read more