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Water supercharged

2 December 2012, Comments 0

*Sponsored Post*  You can die from too much water, but you can’t die from too many electrolytes.                                                                                                  … Read more

The Daddy Exercises

26 November 2012, Comments 0

Fatherhood so far has been an awesome journey, one that I’m slowly getting used to, 27 days in. Esther is such an angel and every moment with her is an adventure. I’m currently assigned to diaper duties, or what I call dadaper duties and I’m… Read more

The joint by joint theory by Gray Cook

21 November 2012, Comments 1

I’ve encountered a lot of different training principles and regimens. Some I agreed with, some I trashed, while some changed the way I trained and applied training forever. One of those principles is Gray Cook’s joint by joint training approach…. Read more