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Weekly Challenge 3: The NOT Sitting Challenge

10 June 2013, Comments 2

photo from the smithsonian mag After a very long hiatus, I’m bringing back the weekly challenges for you guys :) This week, it’s all about sitting, or to be clearer, NOT sitting. Sitting down is one of the things that the body should NOT be doing…. Read more

Review: Pear Stride Sports Earphones

16 April 2013, Comments 0

I love music. And it’s no secret how music has been shown to improve your workout performance whether it be on a run,in the weight room or even on the bike. Music has a psychosomatic effect that gets your movements in sync and also increases… Read more

Avoiding the Holy Week Hangover

28 March 2013, Comments 1

The Holy Week is upon us and for those of us who are on route to the province or to the beach, it’s a perfect time to recharge, regenerate and get ready for the summer. However, long breaks like these are times when we slack off and just let loose…. Read more

Playgym Active Kids Program

18 March 2013, Comments 0

This one’s for us parents (god I love saying that). My friend and basketball teammate for many years, Victor Dalisay just came up with a different summer program for kids, one that I think is missing when we look at your regular summer camps. This… Read more

Breaking Down…The Kettle bell Snatch

1 February 2013, Comments 0

I like efficiency. Who doesn’t? In everything that you do, efficiency is key, right? You wanna get something done as quickly as possible WHILE maintaining quality. Exercise isn’t any different. Some of the best moves are those that hit plenty of… Read more