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Coach Chappy’s Corner: The Podcast

28 January 2014, Comments 2

If you guys missed it, I launched my new podcast, Coach Chappy’s Corner last night over at Woosah Studios. This will be a weekly show where I talk and teach all things fitness, health, and nutrition. The show has 3 segments: The workout of the… Read more

Is “Spot Reduction is a Myth” Actually a Myth?

19 November 2013, Comments 0

image from fox news Well another one of my statements have been probably refuted by science. Thanks science, jeesh. Some researches have shown that people who have been claiming that spot reduction is a myth (read = me) might have it wrong. Hmmmm…. Read more

Weekly Challenge no. 5: 5 minute walking breaks

29 September 2013, Comments 0

Photo from wikihow Here’s another challenge for you guys who work in the office full time: For 1 whole week, twice during the work day, stand up and walk around for 5 minutes. If you’re feeling a little stronger, make it 10. The point is to try to… Read more

Indoor Workouts for the Rainy Season

15 September 2013, Comments 1

August is known as ghost month (a fact that I don’t like since I was born in August), and it seems to be the same when it comes to fitness. And even now that it’s September, the weather seems to be still bent on damping your “workout mojo”. This I… Read more

Repost from Yahoo: Why we are fat and how to do something about it.

18 July 2013, Comments 0

  Resposting my article from Yahoo for my readers here. :) Here’s a simple fact: Unless you’re a trainer, or you’re one of those guys who spend three hours in the gym, two of which you spend mooching off their wifi, you will spend… Read more