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Win free Speck iPhone5 cases from Beyond the Box!

6 February 2013, Comments 1

*SPONSORED POST So you got an Iphone5 but you’re like me and you’re on the move most of the time. The one thing that you can’t live without, are these slick shock-proof cases from Speck. Not only do they look awesome, and can save you from… Read more

Rachel Annunziello: 360Fit Ambassador

28 January 2013, Comments 1 When we started 360 almost 3 years ago, we had a clear picture of what we wanted to provide and achieve but we were still searching for our identity and philosophy as a fitness… Read more

Water supercharged

2 December 2012, Comments 0

*Sponsored Post*  You can die from too much water, but you can’t die from too many electrolytes.                                                                                                  … Read more

Big Announcement!

7 February 2012, Comments 2

My gym, 360 Fitness Club will be moving soon to our new home with the same address but a different floor! We are teaming up with our favorite and the best Philippine Pole Dancing crew, Polecats Manila; an awesome yoga studio, Yoga+; Spaholics… Read more