Survey: Who's sexier?

29 March 2012, Comments 0

Before reading the post below, answer the survey, no cheating ok? Here’s a question for all of you who are working out, dieting or just about doing anything to improve your body image (click on the image if you want a bigger picture):


Answered it already? Good. Now here’s reality.

The first picture is a beautiful woman who works out a lot. Someone who lifts weights, does suspension training, is not scared of dumb bells and can do a full push up.

The second picture is also a beautiful woman who regulates what she eats (or doesn’t eat), does light calisthenics, and can walk down the runway.

They both have abs. They both have low body fat percentages, most likely in the 8-12 region. And again they’re both beautiful.

So what’s the difference? And what’s the point of this post?

The point is there is a difference between being thin and being fit. 

You can be fit and be thin at the same time, but it doesn’t always mean that being thin is being fit. Despite the work of fitness and health professionals to try and change the image of “sexy” and attractive, there are still a lot of people who would prefer to be thin rather than strong. Call it fashion, call it peer pressure or just “the times” but the main thing is, it’s not always healthy. I always tell my clients, if you work out with me, you will look strong, you’ll look toned, but you might gain some weight. The more important factors are strength and body fat. Just like the pictures above, they have the same body fat percentage but one is stronger I’m sure.

Is it bad to be thin? Of course not. But aim to be strong and lean. As the saying goes, Strong is the new Sexy.

0 responses on “Survey: Who’s sexier?

  1. Mico says:

    Girl in the Muscles vote i sexy, pero kaya nya ata akong bugbugin :X

  2. BratinelaShey says:

    do you have body fat analysis at 360 fitness?

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