Sports Science

19 June 2012, Comments 0

One of my all time favorite sports shows. It just shows how much science can help coaches and athletes see how they perform and find their weaknesses and enhance their game. It’s also fun to break down highlights like these.

Lebron, that was a wild dunk. And you did it on my KG. Tsk.

But aside from the highlights, I try to use science and videos to assess how I need to train a client. Athletes benefit a lot from this and it also helps that they can see exactly how they look. It’s amazing how different you look on camera from a mirror.

That right there is Denver Cuello. I trained him before for one of his fights and he’s still using the programs up to now. He hasn’t lost a fight since we started training and that was influenced by all the footage we took. That’s just one of hundreds of videos.

And I just love slowmo videos.

I’ve been trying to get a team together to do Sports Science videos for some of the best Filipino athletes. I think it would be fun, right? Ever wonder just how hard pacman punches? Or how high Japeth jumps? Or how hard the Younghusbands kick? Hope I get to do this soon :)

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