Shoe Review: Nike Free Trainer 5.0

2 June 2013, Comments 1

Great training shoes are few and far in between. I have a lot of great running shoes but finding the perfect training shoe is a little bit harder. It has to fit perfectly, support you in all directions, and be sturdy enough but light enough so you don’t have to think about them. A great training shoe should give you a feel close to barefoot but without the hassles of blisters, cuts and other problems that working on barefoot might give you. I found one in the Nike Free Trainer 3.0, I found another one in the Free Trainer 5.0, and this one is a beauty.

Now i don’t review shoes based on looks but you have to admit that these are eye-catching shoes with the woven patterns. What’s great about this shoe is how the looks actually play a big part on how the shoe performs. I haven’t felt this much support on a shoe without feeling so constricted. It feels as if the shoe is hugging you securely but not so tight so that you can’t breathe. Nike said that their inspiration for the design was the chinese finger-trap. The trap is flexible when relaxed but secure with quick movements. The shoe feels the same way, comfortable but secure when you’re changing directions and cutting when doing agility and speed work.

The Nike free sole is of course still it’s reliable self, giving you enough freedom for motion and that barefoot feel for training in the weight room. You can actually run in this shoe without any issues which makes it the perfect training shoe which you can take straight to the track from the weight room. It’s hard to find anything wrong with this shoe unless you don’t like woven patterns, but like I said, that’s what makes the shoe look cool and perform great. Lateral movements, which are important in the weight room and in court drills, feel secure. Changing direction is a breeze since sudden stops and starts actually makes the shoe “hug” your foot more while keeping the ankle free, which lessens ankle sprains and knee strains. And in the world of sports where every step and second matters, this is a big deal.

I highly recommend this shoe for your cross training and gym sessions, you won’t regret it :)

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