Review: The Samsung Galaxy S5, is it the fitness phone it claims to be?

3 June 2014
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3 June 2014, Comments 0


I’ve been an Apple user ever since I got the iPhone 4 when it launched. I’ve had the 4, the 5 and most recently the 5s. I’ve never had the inclination to switch to Android, because in all honesty, I never had a reason to. I liked the iPhone, I liked the operating system and more than anything, I was comfortable with it.

However, when I heard that Samsung developed the S5 with fitness and wellness in mind, and I found out about the flexible plans that Globe has, I thought that it would be the best time to try the world of android.

Presently, you can get the S5 from Globe with their flexible and fully-customizable postpaid plans. You can get the Galaxy S5 for as low as P1,799 monthly at Globe mySUPERPLAN (5GB of GoSURF consumable data plan plus free calls and texts to all networks) or P1,599 with P16,800 cash-out per year with the Galaxy Forever Plan (1.5GB of GoSurf consumable data plan monthly, unlimited calls and texts to one Globe/TM number of your choice, free calls and texts to all networks, and additional P300 monthly consumable for other services) which allows you to get the newest Galaxy S smartphone every year.

The anchor of Samsung’s wellness thrust is their new S Health app: the lighter, but updated in usability version of the S Health which was also in the S4.

Since I’m not a tech reviewer, I will be focusing on the functions of the S-Health app for the rest of the review.

Samsung is very much invested into the health and wellness angle as we can see with the new Gear Fit and Gear 2 fitness watches that you can purchase to support the S-Health app. At the moment, I haven’t tried them yet as of this writing, I’ll update this review once I have tried them out.

s health 1

Even without these accessories, you can still make use of the S-Health app on the phone. After creating your profile and putting your information in, including your weight, height, age, sex, and activity level, your caloric needs will be calculated for you. The calculation is largely based on your weight and height and activity level and it makes sense. Although counting calories can be hard to do, if you input your food using the S-Health database which is pretty extensive, it becomes easier. It works the same way that my fitness pal and other diet apps work, but since this is already integrated into your phone, everything is streamlined. For new fitness apps that you want to purchase, you don’t need to worry about your credit card since you now can charge these apps to your Globe bill. Plus, with Globe’s largest 4G network partnered with the S5’s LTE capabilities, you’re sure to be always updated.

s5 2

You can also take your heart rate with the S5 through its built in heart rate monitor. However, it takes a while to position your finger properly and it might be awkward to use it during exercise. It does work, and you can also use the Gear 2 and Gear Fit which can take your heart rate in an instant, while you’re working out.

Another function is the pedometer, which is displayed on the home screen of the S5 so you are updated real time on the number of steps that you have taken. The goal is automatically set to 10,000 as it should be so if you do get the S5. Try to beat that number every time.

If you’re also like me, a person who is always on the go and heavily active, you want your phone to be tough and resistant dust and water so that you won’t have to worry about it as you go about your active day. You won’t have to worry about it with the S5 since it’s water resistant and dust-proof. You can take it for a run and even rinse off the sweat with water and your phone will be fine. If by any remote chance you still mess up your S5 on your first month due to accidental damage or theft.  You won’t have to worry IF you get it with Globe since they’re giving you 1 month free gadget care.

Finally if you’re like me and you like to workout or run to music, then you won’t have to worry about selection since Globe will give you 6 months free premium membership with Spotify. Stream your favourite workout playlists through mobile data and it’s all for free if you get it with Globe. 

That’s it for now, I’ll update this review if ever I get to try out the Samsung Gear.

The S5 is now available from Globe with their mySuperPlan which gives you a lot of flexible choices to choose from  plus a lot of freebies. I suggest you take advantage of this promo. Here’s more information on that.


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