Review: Plana Forma

16 February 2012, Comments 0

“Up one inch, down 1 inch, come on keep it up!”

Except for Trigger point, an inch has never felt this painful.

Last night I tried Plana Forma with the Bitsy (the wife). I knew coming in that it was going to be a different experience and I found that out instantly. We reserved our Beginners class about a week in advance. Reservation is important if you wanna try out Plana since the waiting list is long for each class. Our teacher was Celine Encarnacion, one of their senior instructors who got to train in Physique 57 in New York city. We were blessed to have her as our first instructor.

The class started on time at 8PM. So did the torture. We started with warm ups, which consisted of working your biceps and triceps while on a semi-squat position. DOn’t be fooled guys, the number of reps and pulses are staggering. And oh, those pulses, you will learn to hate those pulses as the class progresses. From there we moved on to legs which consisted of different bar exercises using straps, as well as a playground ball. That ball looked so innocent.

Your equipment for Plana. Do not be fooled.

Those pulses are what make Plana Forma unique. Most of the workout will consist of small repetitive movements, really barely an inch, done in numerous times. These pulses hit those smaller structural muscles in your body which don’t normally get worked but, nonetheless, are very important. These pulses coupled with the stretches that follow right after is the formula of Plana Forma. In theory, these movements will make your muscles long and lean and not short and bulky. To know more about Plana Forma and to book a class, check their site out here.

The class was like nothing I’ve tried before. Plana Forma says that it’s a combination of yoga, bar, pilates and dance. I do yoga occasionally, also pilates but i don’t dance much and I’ve never tried bar, so this was fairly new to me. The pace was a little too fast for my liking, although I was told that before so I expected it. For beginners on exercise though I’m sure there will be a learning curve. Plana offers an intro class that will really break down each skill. I recommend this especially if you’re new to all the activities I mentioned. I can see how girls would really enjoy Plana Forma (there were actually only 2 guys in our class, both of us were with our wives) since it really hits the problem areas like the hips, shoulders and butt. Guys shouldn’t shy away from it though especially if you want to hit those muscles that you don’t normally hit in the gym.

All in all, I think that Plana is a good workout altogether, with unique programming, and a good complement to our 360 circuit. Guys might think that it’s too girly for them, and you will be most likely in a class full of girls (yeah, like you won’t enjoy that) but it really is a good, challenging, and different workout.

Bitsy, Celine our teacher, and me

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