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6 November 2013, Comments 0

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I posted about Dan John’s 10k swings workout in a couple of weeks back. I was in day 5 when I posted that entry and now, I’m finally done with this workout. Man, 10,000 swings are a lot of hip extensions and my butt (although a lot tighter) isn’t very happy about it. Though I must say, I am very pleased with my results. Here are my before and after stats.

Disclaimer right here: I started this program after a month long vacation to the states as well as 2 separate 1 week trips in the span of 1 month. Needless to say, my training schedule was out of whack. But, I also ended it after 2 long out of town weekends where diet pretty much went out of the window. 

Before stats:

183.2 lbs

17.5% Body Fat

137.5 lbs of muscle

After stats:



141.4 lbs of muscle

So I gained a little under 4 pounds of muscle, lost a little under 3% of body fat and lost a little under 9 pounds. That’s after 1 month so at around 2 pounds of weight loss a week, that’s pretty alright. Even if I didn’t measure my performance norms, I still felt a lot stronger than when I started. I’m not a big lifter but I was able to increase my bench and military press by 25%. I can now also do pull ups with a 16kg bell for 5 which is a first for me. In my basketball games, I feel a lot lighter and can go longer, sometimes playing 5 straight games in a night. All in all, my performance improved in things that were relevant to me.

With all good things though, come some sacrifices. For one, I can no longer give my wife back rubs since my calluses will end up scratching her. You will also find that when doing this workout, that the hips are willing but the forearms are not. Your limiting factor will most likely be your grip strength (which by the way also improved for me). I had to mix up my grip a lot during the workouts just to hit the numbers required. Below is a video of how a session will look like.

Even with these drawbacks, I still think that this program is good and worth a try if you want something to spice up your routine. Just make sure that you’re swinging the right way (hip hinge, not spine flexion) and you should be good.

For more on how this program works, here is my article from yahoo:

Here’s the original article by Dan John over at

Have you tried this workout before? Let me know about your results and your experiences in the comments section :)

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