Repost from Yahoo: Why we are fat and how to do something about it.

18 July 2013, Comments 0


Resposting my article from Yahoo for my readers here. :)

Here’s a simple fact: Unless you’re a trainer, or you’re one of those guys who spend three hours in the gym, two of which you spend mooching off their wifi, you will spend approximately 6.5% of your day in the gym. That’s if you workout for an hour a day, 7 days a week.

Now lets say you work out an hour a day, three times a week, which by the way is what I recommend (an hour is sometimes actually too long). One hour a day, three times a week will have you spending 2.6% percent of your waking hours in the gym (assuming you sleep 8 hours). That’s right, 2.6%. Now I’m not saying that 2.6% is bad. Actually, that 2.6% might be the difference between a six pack and a beer belly. What I’m saying is that if you spend 2.6%of your waking hours in the gym, and the other 97.4% sitting in the office, or in the sofa, or in the car, or just sitting anywhere else, don’t expect to see results in the scale. What I’m saying is that weight loss doesn’t only happen in the gym, it happens in the 97.4% that happens outside of the gym.

So what can you do? You can add lifestyle activities to your daily routines. Lifestyle activities are not necessarily exercises in the sense that you won’t be lifting specific reps and sets or following a circuit. They are activities that you can incorporate in your daily life to remain mobile and active. We tend to box mobility and “active work” inside the gym, when it really shouldn’t be the case. The gym should actually be treated as more of a training facility where you can “practice” for the game of life. So it makes sense that you use what you gained during training for the actual game, right? That game is your everyday life, and it’s that 97.4%.

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