Repost from Yahoo!: The minimum requirement for maximum gains

21 August 2013, Comments 0
Sometimes, simple is better.

Sometimes, simple is better.

Reposting my article from Yahoo Philippines. This reinforces what we are doing in 360 and why you should stop spending sooooooo much time in the gym. The gym is meant to be a training facility for life, you don’t live your life there. Read on:

Seven-minute abs. Yeah, I can hear all you snickering in your seats. I mean come on, seven minutes and the promise of abs? Too good to be true, right? Then again throughout the course of exercise history, man has tried its best to shrink exercise time in the interest of gaining more time to do daily tasks. And let’s face it, only a small percentage of the population actually enjoy exercise so much that they don’t mind spending hours in the gym (they’re usually called “trainers”).

But what if I tell you that there is such a thing as a “minimum requirement of work, for the maximum amount of results”? The problem that we have here is that too often, we trainers mistake you clients as having the same amount of interest (and to put it bluntly, addiction) that we have when it comes to exercise. We make you do too much because we enjoy it, so if we do, then you should to, right? Again, not necessarily. If the instructions to bake a cake were to bake it for 15 minutes, you wouldn’t want to bake it for 30, right? Obviously it’s going to burn, well that’s the same thing that happens to us when we “overcook” it. We get burned out.

Read the rest of the article here.

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