Recap: The 360 Fitness Olympics 2014

21 April 2014, Comments 1


In 360 Fitness Club, that’s what we want to be, and that’s what we preach in all of our branches. That’s also the message that we push in our yearly showcase of what it means to be “360-Fit”: The 360 Fitness Olympics.

The 2014 version of the 360 Fitness Olympics was held last week in the Meralco Sports Center, in Ortigas. I made a promise last year that this one was going to be bigger, and it was.

Almost 200 participants competing in 10 total events for the prize of taking home gold and to help their respective branches take home the much coveted overall championship. Last year, Team Ortigas took the crown, winning by 2 points over Team Makati, with Team Timog coming in last. This year, everyone had a legitimate shot, even newcomer Team Bonifacio.

The difference between the 360 Fitness Olympics and other fitness competitions is the same difference between 360 and other fitness clubs: being holistic. We don’t just want to know who can lift the heaviest, who can press the most, or who can run the fastest. We want to see who can move the best in the dance floor and who can control their bodies with balance and coordination. We want to see who can endure the physical challenges despite the pressure of opponents left and right.

We know that fitness is not just about that. Fitness is a holistic experience, one that can not be contained inside the 4 walls of a fitness center. It NEEDS to be a lifestyle. Being a 360 olympian is the epitome of that for us.


We started the day off with the Body Balance and Yoga Flow Challenge which tests balance, flexibility, coordination and functional strength. Teams had to follow a specific routine and had to perform specific challenging poses in front of the panel of judges.



Then we moved outdoors for the Strength Challenges. There were two. One relay between partners and 1 solo which was, in a word, intense. Exercises included deadlifts, prowler pushes. pull ups, prowler pulls, weighted push ups, and the farmer’s walk.




Then we moved back inside for the Kettlebell Challenges. Again there were two. Pairs went through a 30-minute single kettlebell event, while the more experienced athletes went through the gruelling 2 kettlebell 30-minute challenge. This one was LOUD. Single kettlebell athletes went through Turkish get ups, snatches, cleans and presses, rack squats, and jerks. Double kettlebell athletes went through snatches, cleans and presses, rack squats, jerks, and the farmer’s walk.



Then we had the Power Challenges, again a relay and a solo event. The relay had pairs go through hang snatches, bounding, burpee to box jumps, medicine ball chest passes, and sprints. The solo events were a combination of Power Wheel upper body plyometric moves, double unders on the skip rope, and battle rope exercises.



After that, we had the Body Jam Dance Challenge where teams of 6-10 athletes went head to head in a dance battle.



We went back outside after that for the Sklz Speed and Agility Course where athletes went through a course made up of agility ladders, agility cones, hurdles, and even a speed parachute.



Finally we had The Circuit which was a team event composed of 6 boys and 6 girls from each branch competing in separate divisions (male and female). Each person had to finish specified reps for the following exercises: dumbbell man makers, Grid burpees, low Rows/pull ups, battle ropes, alternate kettlebell swings, and atomic push ups.

If 2013 was decided by 2 points, this year, we had to go to a tie break after all the scores were tallied and the scores were this:

Team Bonifacio – 41

Team Timog – 47

Team Ortigas – 48

Team Makati – 48

Being the director of events, only I knew what the tie break event was going to be: The Burpee Challenge. It was close but Team Ortigas won, defending their title.






All the excitement that this year’s event brought just means that everyone will be ready for next year. Team Timog isn’t backing down, nor is Team Makati. Team Bonifacio wants to prove that they have what it takes, and don’t forget next year’s rookie, Team Alabang.

One thing’s for sure. Team Ortigas will have its hands full defending their title for a second time.

Interested to join the 360 Olympics next year? Watch out for some announcements leading to the event next summer. Here’s a short video of what transpired during the day. Watch out for the full highlights later this week.

The 360 Fitness Olympics Gold Medalists:


Body Balance: Team Makati Mel Ngo, Denise Africa, Anne Rhosma, Candice Bacabac, James Milan, Mark Berlin

Body Jam: Team Ortigas Ryan Perez, Kayle Villanueva, RA Angeles, John Joson, Jay Paclibon, Avic Papa, Em Villanueva, Mica Lim, Mara Andres, Jean Acquinde

Strength Individual, Women’s division: Team Timog Kat Tiu

Strength Individual, Men’s division: Team Makati RJ Jalijali

Strength Relay Women’s Division: Team Ortigas Jeana Joven, Mara Andres

Strength Relay Men’s Division: Team Fort Felix Angue and JV Cruz

Power Individual Women’s Division: Team Makati Darline Cu 

Power Individual Men’s Division: Team Timog Dom Roque

Power Relay Women’s Division: Team Timog Kat Baron, Queenie Abat

Power Relay Men’s Division: Team Timog Paolo Chan, Jonah Que

Speed and Agility Women’s Division: Andeng Belludo, Team Fort

Speed and Agility Men’s Division:  Team Fort Felix Angue

Kettlebell single, Women’s Division: Team Ortigas Avic Papa, Becca Ramirez

Kettlebell single, Men’s Division: Team Makati Alvin Lambino, Mike Domingo

Kettlebell double, Women’s Division: Team Fort Monina De Leon

Kettlebell double, Men’s Division: Team Ortigas John Joson

Circuit Women’s Division: Team Ortigas Avic Papa, Mariel Lim, Mica Lim, Annica Hipolito, Mara Andres, Christine Endencia

Circuit Men’s Division: Team Ortigas Gino Parma, Luis Alandy, Miguel Ignacio, Carlo Aquino, Kim Sto. Domingo, Bryant Cuison

Thanks to Lawrence Tapalla for the pictures and to Dux Ducado for the video. :)


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