Rachel Annunziello: 360Fit Ambassador

28 January 2013, Comments 1

When we started 360 almost 3 years ago, we had a clear picture of what we wanted to provide and achieve but we were still searching for our identity and philosophy as a fitness center. We knew that we wanted to create something that was both new and inspiring that will fit the Filipino. What we came up with after 3 years of existence, is the Get360Fit philosophy:

We believe in functional fitness—exercises that will make us more productive in our daily lives so that we can do all that we want to, in the best way we can. We believe in exercises that simulate natural movements and work out all of our muscle groups. We want exercises that will prepare us for daily movements and will help us become strong, lean, and functionally fit, without wasting our time. Efficiency is key, so we keep our core program compact to ensure you can complete the circuit in just 30 minutes.

We believe that fitness has to be holistic. We need to work smart to keep our bodies, minds, and hearts in top shape. Holistic also means being well-rounded, dynamic, adaptable. We can be strong enough to lift heavy weights and still remain flexible enough to do yoga. We are confident, and comfortable in our own skin, which means we are not ashamed to dance. We always keep our minds open to trying new ways to achieve our changing fitness goals.

 We are in love with fitness. We believe in setting goals and constantly beating our personal records. We need to keep challenging ourselves and maximizing our potentials. Continuously trying to become the best version of ourselves is our never-ending goal. We are in love with fitness, because fitness is our way of life.

Rachel is the first get360fit ambassador. Share her video on your social media accounts (EDIT: FACEBOOK ONLY), use the #get360fit hashtag, and you might win for yourself a 3,000peso gift certificate from 360 Fitness Club.

Here’s the link: http://youtu.be/MQ_gMyu9aeo

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  1. dyetlag says:

    Buti na Lang nabasa ko ulet! Sa FB Lang pala, hehehe! I keep on sharing it on twitter pa naman… Hehehe

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