Questions of the week: On Beginners and Dieting

7 February 2012, Comments 0

weight-lossA few weeks back, I asked you guys on my facebook for your fitness questions. I got a ton of great questions, and some will be answered through the 360 Earn your beach body project. Some of the questions however, I will answer through here. So if you have a fitness, diet, or any health or wellness related question, ask away! You can email it to me or post it on my facebook wall.

For this week here are the questions that I chose, thanks to those who sent them :)

From my good friend Angel Trinidad: “What is a good exercise for those who want to start working out?”

To give you guys some background, Angel is a thin and very energetic girl who wants to get healthy and fit to combat sicknesses and to just enjoy life. A lot of us are like this. We aren’t really working out to prepare for a competition, we just want to get healthy and look “fit”. There are certain fundamentals to exercise which you saw in my previous post but beyond that, it’s important to remember the different stages of development a person has to go through when exercising. The first and most basic one should be developing balance and stability. A good exercise to start with is body weight squats. Balance doesn’t necessarily have to be doing exercises on one leg, especially if you are a newcomer. Some people already have trouble standing on two feet, more so when you let them balance on one. So make sure you learn the squat. For stability, you can also do the squat and hold, where you hold the squat on the down position for 5-20 seconds. Same goes for the plank. It’s important to get your body prepared before you take them to the next stages of development (more on that in the coming weeks)

From Facebook user Erxes Bob Kinner Gabriel: “What’s the most appropriate diet for those who go to the gym?”

This has to be more specific but i’ll answer it anyway. Diet depends on a lot of things like your goal, current state, eating schedule and a whole lot more. However there are parameters that you have to remember when thinking of your diet. First of all, when you go to the gym, you will definitely be breaking down your muscle with each repetition that you make. Your muscles go through what we call micro-tears whenever you go through a push up or a squat or any resistance exercise. This is when proper nutrition comes in. The minutes after your workout is the window when your system is the most absorbent of the nutrients that you will take. This is when you should have a high protein meal or a post-workout whey shake. Protein is the building block of muscles so it makes sense that when you break down muscle, you should repair it by eating protein. What happens though when you miss the window? Your muscles still gain some strength and toning but it would not be optimal gains anymore. This is why nutrient timing is almost as important as nutrient content (more on that in the coming weeks). And girls, always remember that if you have more muscles, then you can do more work and produce more heat so you can do a lot more and burn your fats. So don’t be scared of protein. That being said, my mother (an RND with a masters in nutrition) will kill me if i don’t say this: ALWAYS BALANCE YOUR MEALS. When I say protein-rich, it doesn’t mean eat JUST protein. You should pair it with vegetables and even carbohydrates (if you like carbs, eat them AFTER a work out). A BALANCED DIET IS A GOOD DIET.

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