Powerplate training and my top 5 (+1) Powerplate exercises

5 March 2012, Comments 0

No, it’s not just a giant vibrator.

Vibration training is something relatively new to the Philippines even though it’s been around for almost a decade now. One of the hardest programs for me to, for lack of a better word, “sell” to clients is vibration training. But as soon as they step on the plate and feel the difference that vibration gives to an exercise, they know that this is no regular work out.

I have been an advocate of vibration training ever since I became a master trainer for Powerplate, the premiere vibration and acceleration training device in the world. They use the word acceleration for two things. First it accelerates your workout an results meaning sessions take from 15-30 minutes to complete and you get the results you want faster. And second because it uses acceleration due to vibration to increase the force that the body receives rather than increasing the mass that the body lifts. Here’s an illustration of that equation:


Its simple physics, really.When you work out, you need to add mass to the body in order to increase the force acting on it. In Powerplate, we increase the other side of the equation (acceleration represented in meters per second squared) therefor still increasing the force but through a safer manner and with less chances of joint degradation and muscles soreness.

Here’s another example of how great vibration training is. Imagine doing 30 squats with just your bodyweight. It’s still difficult right? With the powerplate, when you go on a static squat position (pictured below), your muscles contract and relax for 30 reps PER SECOND. That’s why your workouts are shorter, because even if you don’t feel the same soreness, your muscles are working overtime. This is great not only for athletes but also for those who want a quick and effective workout.

I prefer Powerplate over other vibration devices simply because it is miles ahead of the competition. The quality of vibration is clean meaning you get the same pulse for every second plus the research that they conduct and the education that they give to trainers and end-users are a big help in promoting the science and effectiveness of vibration training.

If you’re a trainer and you want to learn more about Power plate training and how to use it for yourselves and your clients, just follow us here and here for announcements on the upcoming certification courses.

Here’s a short video of my top 5 powerplate exercises plus one massage. That’s one more thing about the powerplate, you start and end your workout with the same machine. from warm up to cool down.

PS. Bonus fact: It reduces cellulite. Some spas and salons world wide actually have a powerplate just for that.

Try the Powerplate out at 360 Fitness Club Ortigas or at the Powerplate Philippines studio at the Wellness Concepts store, 2nd floor of the Powerplant mall, Rockwell Makati.

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