Playgym Active Kids Program

18 March 2013, Comments 0


This one’s for us parents (god I love saying that). My friend and basketball teammate for many years, Victor Dalisay just came up with a different summer program for kids, one that I think is missing when we look at your regular summer camps. This one doesn’t box a kid in to a specific sport (which still has its merits but can be limiting to a developing child), it gives the child the freedom to learn basic human movement control in a controlled environment.

Now that may sound like a contradicting statement but that is what we need as parents. We want our child to be able to learn how to move efficiently through space and be able to manipulate objects freely, without putting our child at risk. Playgym gives you that.

It incorporates a concept called Playwork, a procedure which originated from London where children learn through free play. This allows the child to learn in their own pace and time.

Of course I have to mention that this is also a great way for the child to participate in active play which for us adults simply means exercise. It’s never too early to start your kid on exercise.

The program follows a similar flow to a workout session. I won’t go too much into detail but you will expect your child to go through the proper progression needed to exercise. This means a proper warm up, workout proper and cool down, all done in a child friendly way.

Playgym will be coming to you this summer in the Celebrity Sports Club in Quezon city, and Colegio de San Agustin (CSA) in makati. For more info on schedules and rates, follow this link:

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