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13 March 2012, Comments 0

I’ve always been inspired by photos. Whether it be taking them or viewing them, I find joy in pictures especially action shots. It doesn’t have to be in the weight room, some of the best action shots are done outdoors with people actually using the athleticism they actually gained from their training. Fact is, most of the population of the world, don’t exercise for sports. Sure they have their weekend hobbies and some might go on to theΒ liga ligas but the vast majority workout to stay healthy and look good. I’ve found that another reason should be to be able to enjoy adventures such as this.

So here is my first contest. Send your best action or adventure shots to from today until next tuesday. The subject doesn’t have to be yourself, it can be your photo or a photo of you taken by someone else (just make sure you ask permission) The top 3 (judged by me, hehe) will get a free 360 shirt and a gift pack from Royale :)

Please no nudity and no vulgarity, photos can be edited and enhanced but no captions on the picture please :)

Here’s the design of the 360 shirt, courtesy of Empire Fanboy Clothing

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  1. Denver says:

    Hi Coach Chappy, how many entries are we allowed to send and the size of the pic. Thanks!

  2. here’s my photo! i joined a different contest hehe. I hope your huge fan base can help me out… :) like my photo please!!

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