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What I got from the 2014 Perform Better Long Beach Functional Training Summit

11 August 2014, Comments 1

Mark Verstegen getting us started with Every Day is Game Day Disclaimer: I’m writing this fresh out of the third day of the summit. I’m physically, intellectually, and because I’m so far from home, emotionally tired and I’m not consulting my… Read more

Your Travel Survival Guide

7 August 2014, Comments 2

I’m in LA to attend the Perform Better Functional Training Summit and like most people who follow a strict strength and conditioning program, I was concerned about the long travel time it takes to get here. You not only lose a day of training but… Read more

Fitspirations: Aaron Atayde, Sportscaster, Host, Radio DJ

4 August 2014, Comments 0

For Aaron Atayde aka Josh Strike at Magic 89.9, he saw being fit and healthy as a way to further his chosen career as a sportscaster and host. A lot of changes were happening in his personal and professional life and he felt that a physical change… Read more

Fitspirations: Ranvel Rufino, Banker, Triathlete

23 July 2014, Comments 0

In the high pressure business of private banking, sometimes people resort to night outs to lessen the stress. For Ravel, he went the healthy way, by immersing himself in the world of triathlons. Ranvel is currently preparing for the Cebu Ironman, no… Read more

Fitspiration: Joana Pinon, Entrepreneur, Gym owner.

7 July 2014, Comments 0

Some people think that being in the health and fitness industry automatically means that you are healthy and fit. On the contrary I’ve met a lot of people who have proven that it’s not a prerequisite, and they’re usually upper management. No offence… Read more

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