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Fit All You Can: A Smorgasbord of All Things Fit

12 July 2012, Comments 0

Ever wonder what a day of fitness and exercise would feel like? On July 21, you can find out what it truly means to live a healthy and active lifestyle as the LiST Group together with Finix will be hosting Fit All You Can: A Smorgasbord of All… Read more

Your New Running Partner: The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS

9 July 2012, Comments 2

The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS First of all, I’m not  a regular runner, I usually use interval resistance training and metabolic conditioning to get that “cardio” boost. Although, that’s nothing against running, that’s more on my personal choices for… Read more

FINALLY…A ChappyMeal in Ortigas!

6 July 2012, Comments 0

Spicy tofu, 450cal 180php I’ve searched long and hard for a healthy kitchen around Ortigas center (not counting the big malls). I wanted to look for a place which I can recommend to the office workers around the business district of Ortigas, most… Read more

I seriously can not wait for this shoe

1 July 2012, Comments 2

The Nike LunarTR1 I’m a sports geek. Not in the way that I know all the stats and trivia of my favorite sport, but more on that I want to exactly how fast Usain Bolt runs and how hard Manny Pacquiao punches and how high Lebron James jumps. I love… Read more

Something to remember before going to the gym

25 June 2012, Comments 0

Set a record… Read more

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