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The Zalora-Globe Partnership is Perfect for Christmas Shopping

18 December 2013, Comments 0

Christmas is fast approaching and one of the things I love to do is to buy gifts for my friends and loved ones. Of course we all know that everyone likes to receive the traditional Christmas sweets during this time but I also try to mix things… Read more

My top 5 Sandbag Exercises

4 December 2013, Comments 2

I first saw the sand bag when Coach Martin of 360 Fitness Club Makati brought it to the gym and started using it for some of his clients. I admit I wasn’t very enamored by it because his sand bag was filled to the brim and sand was starting to… Read more

Weekly Challenge 6: 20 minute meals

1 December 2013, Comments 0

image from December is here. Where did the year go? I guess that’s how you feel like when you have a 1-year old for the first time. It seems like she was just crawling around in the bed and now she’s walking all around the living… Read more

Is “Spot Reduction is a Myth” Actually a Myth?

19 November 2013, Comments 0

image from fox news Well another one of my statements have been probably refuted by science. Thanks science, jeesh. Some researches have shown that people who have been claiming that spot reduction is a myth (read = me) might have it wrong. Hmmmm…. Read more

Dedicate your 360 COW to the people affected by Yolanda

17 November 2013, Comments 0

It’s been more than a week since typhoon Yolanda rocked our shores and until now, people are still hungry, homeless and getting more desperate by the day. Everyday is another day that we can help and every minute counts. This week, 360 will be… Read more

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