One Move, Plenty of Muscle: Burpee to Thruster

21 May 2012, Comments 0

Step 1: Perform a Push up

Step 2: Explode to Start Position of Clean

Step 3: Clean the Dumb bells up

Step 4: Press the weight

The Burpee to Thurster is a good exercise that you can do with simple dumb bells. I like doing this exercise either as a starter or a finisher for  a workout. I like exercises which are “economical”. Now this exercise doesn’t only hit a lot of muscles (Glutes, quads, pecs, triceps, abdominals, low back, shoulders, calves, etc, etc) but it also elevates your heart rate which in turn increases your metabolism. It improves power, coordination, strength and explosive speed. Try it first with light or even no dumb bells (go through the motions even without the weight) and then progress gradually. Do anywhere from 8-15 reps for 2-3 sets. Enjoy!

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