On Corporate Fitness and Wellness

28 February 2012, Comments 0

The SCI Team

This is a sponsored post. By me. Hehehe. But seriously though, I want to talk about corporate wellness programs or what we call corporate “intervention” programs. Sounds a little harsh but given the current stat of our day-job and desk workers, it’s only fitting that the word intervention is used.

The Philippine Association for the Study of Overweight and Obesity (PASOO) made a study a few years back on the fitness and health  levels of the common office population. They found that the office ranking is inversely proportional to the persons health and fitness levels. This simply means that the higher paid and higher ranked individuals were less fit and healthy than th lower paid and lower ranked people. Is it because they have more things to do? Are they busier? No. It was the nature of what they were doing. You know who scored the highest on the tests? That would be the runners of the office memos. (fitness tip: run your own memos)

Clearly something has to be done and that’s where our company, Strength and Conditioning Inc. (SCI), can help. We provide “wellness solutions” for the corporate setting. World-wide, gym memberships are statistically low. In the states (which has the highest numbers) only 20% of the population have gym memberships. And although it’s still one of the best places to get fit, some people just either don’t like working out or find it hard to get to a fitness center. What we do is we bring the fitness center into your office.

the Smart employees after their workout

I’ve been working with corporations of all sizes since my dad started SCI and  began offering wellness solutions for the working class individual. This was back in 2003 when I was still an undergrad studying sports science but the experience I got was what shaped my career. We started with a little company called Nestlé. We went around the country and conducted fitness testing for most of their work force (the testing was made available to everyone). We did this for 3 times in a year for their PRE, MID, and POST values. In between those tests, we conducted classes, wellness seminars, nutrition consultations and team building activities. This is what makes it an intervention and comprehensive.

Now SCI caters to more companies with our huge network of fitness and exercise experts, trainers,  and group class teachers. Would you like your company to be part of the wellness revolution? Give us a call at 09177962173 and let’s start building a fitter Philippines.

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