Nutrition Questions with mom part 2

29 October 2012, Comments 0

It’s been a while. How has everyone been? Sorry if I haven’t updated for a while. My wife, Bituin, and I are preparing for our first baby and it’s been taking up most of our time. Not complaining of course but it has taken some time away from regular blogging. But en0ugh about me, let’s get back to regular programming.

I thought it would be best to end my mini-hiatus with some more nutrtion questions with my mom. If you can remember, a few weeks ago I asked my mom to choose between two, not necessarily healthy food options with the goal of weight loss in mind. Basically, I’m working with the assumption that healthy food choices are not regularly available here in the country and sometimes, we have to choose the lesser of two evils.

Here’s the original post complete with my mom’s disclaimers. She is a registered nutritionist and dietitian and she believes in a couple of principles that she wants to share before I berate her with these questions.

If you have more nutrition questions, feel free to comment or email me at

Happy Eating!

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