New 360 episode: Density Training

10 May 2012, Comments 0

Density Training kills you. It just chews you up then spits you out and then pile drives you to the floor. It is intense. But it is fun. It pushes you towards and beyond your limits and it’s a great gauge for you to know where you stand and what your current fitness levels are.

I first learned about density training from Coach Dos. As the name implies, you will try to compress a session into short 5,7,10,12 brutal minutes and the goal is to try to perform as many rounds of the designated reps as possible. We usually use 3-7 exercises for density sets.

A warning though, that point where you really hit that wall is a make or break point. Conventional wisdom will tell you to listen to your body and proceed with caution but if you work out especially in a group, you WILL go above and beyond your comfort zone. Just  make sure that at this point, try your very best to maintain proper form all throughout the movements.

The above video is a basic density workout designed by coach Martin of 360 Ortigas. Here’s something a little more difficult that you can try as well:

7 minute (girls) 10 minute (boys) density set, perform as many rounds as you can while maintaining proper form:

1. Burpees 10 reps

2. Push ups 10 reps

3. Box jumps (girls – 12-16inches; boys – 16-24inches) 10 reps

4. Mountain Climbers – 20 reps

5. Pull ups – 10 reps

It has pushes and pulls and explosive movements. When designing your own density session, make sure to use simple exercises using most of your body and ideally not so much equipment.

Try it out guys!



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