My Welcome to the Herbalife Family

17 August 2013, Comments 0

I’ve long been looking for a nutrition company to be a partner with and it took years of deciding and studying before I found it, and I couldn’t be more proud with choosing Herbalife.



The amount of research they do in developing their products is outstanding and the attention to detail they give when it comes to getting the right ingredients and testing and developing the right products is what ultimately got me to sign up with them.



I’ve been using their performance and lifestyle line of products for the past 6 months and I an feel and see the difference when it comes to my workouts. I’m also very happy with my weight management. Herbalife actually started out as a weight loss company but now, their products have expanded to include performance nutrition as well as overall wellness. My favorite products are their whey protein as well as the natural vitamin and fish oil supplements.

I’ll be posting more about our upcoming projects once I get more details but if you want to know more about Herbalife, don’t hesitate to ask. :)



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