My top 5 Sandbag Exercises

4 December 2013, Comments 2

I first saw the sand bag when Coach Martin of 360 Fitness Club Makati brought it to the gym and started using it for some of his clients. I admit I wasn’t very enamored by it because his sand bag was filled to the brim and sand was starting to fall out of it. Then, one of the strength coaches I look up to, Coach Dos Remedios, started posting some videos of him using it. I got intrigued again and started to dig deeper into the sandbag. Turns out, it’s much more than just a bag full of sand.

The thing I like about the sandbag is the way the weight shifts as you perform the lifts. Similar to the slosh pipe, the sandbag uses variable resistance in that the weight inside the sandbag shifts thereby giving you a different feel with each repetition. It’s also similar to the kettle bell in terms of being able to do continuous exercises because of the different grips that it has, an advantage for when you want quick and intense workouts.

Currently, there aren’t much sand bags available locally here in Manila. Fitness and Athletics and Chris Sports carries the Sklz Sandbag which works well and that’s what I’ve been using. The Sklz sand bag weighs 40 lbs although it uses 4 10-pound bags which you can adjust by just taking some out.

From my time using it and trying different exercises, I’ve found the 5 exercises I like the most and they’re in the video below.

1. Clean and Press – Just like the regular clean and press but I like the flexibility that the grip allows for my wrists. This is a great exercise for improving lower body power and will also work on upper body strength

2. Snatch – again, i like the flexibility it allows my wrists. It’s actually similar to the kettle bell snatches minus the steel touching your forearms.

3. Rotational Lunge – This is a unique exercise for the sandbag and one of my favourites to do with it. The core demand with the overhead rotation move is a great way to develop rotational power. A nice functional twist to the lunge.

4. Side lunge and side to side press – Another unique exercise for the sand bag, this mixes the side lunge with a side to side press. Since the sandbag is soft enough that it won’t hurt your shoulder, range of motion is not compromised.

5. Push up drags – Yet another unique exercise to the sand bag. This play on the push up ads a pull movement making it a great exercise for the upper body.

Have you tried the sand bag? What are your favourite exercises?

2 responses on “My top 5 Sandbag Exercises

  1. GYM MUTT says:

    Side Lunge ..probably the best out of the ones demonstrated! Incredible exercise. Then again, IM a big BIG fan of lunges. Sick!

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