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1 October 2013, Comments 2

Now that I’ve decided to join a triathlon, there isn’t really any way that I can forego running. I know I’m not a big proponent of running because I believe that there are also different and sometimes better alternative activities for weight loss, but if you are a person who is preparing to be competitive in a race, then that’s a different issue. You live with the risks of running but you also get some pretty cool benefits.

These benefits are of course given that you actually know how to run properly and are also going through a strengthening program to back up running. I’m sure most running experts will agree with me when I say that you need strengthening work to back up your running activity. Once you’ve got that covered, then you can start to get excited over the benefits of running. The top 3 benefits in my opinion are:

  1. Increased Cardiovascular Endurance – Your heart is a muscle, meaning if you don’t train it, it gets weak and you never want a weak heart. Running will help increase cardio vascular endurance by training your heart and lungs thereby increasing it’s work capacity.
  2. Great stress reliever – Some people find running as an escape from the daily hectic schedule of life. The time that you have pounding the pavement can be therapy to a weary mind. There is a certain calmness in running and the repetitive and rhythmic beat of your feet on the ground plus the tunes that you listen to can be a great way to meditate and reflect in life.
  3. If you can run, then you can SPRINT – If you’re an athlete, you have to run (unless you’re a swimmer, then you have to swim). I make all of my athletes run sprints as part of their programs. I say sprints and not jogging because there’s a big difference. Without going into much detail, let’s just say that sprinters are powerful and joggers are joggers. If you can run, then you should try sprinting. The benefits are endless.

Now that you know how running can help you, here are my top running apps to help guide and motivate you while you’re on your run. Of course it goes without saying that these apps are better downloaded with a fast and reliable mobile internet service in the form of Globe PowerSurf 499. Just text POWERSURF to 8888 or dial *143# for FREE. My top 3 running apps are:

  1. Nike Running – I’m a sucker for the swoosh and this running app is the one I use all the time when I’m in my runs. It tracks your run using GPS and also rewards you fuel to add up to your total Nike Fuel points so you can match up against the world. You can also keep a history of your runs, your best times, and also has audio cues for each mile of kilometer in your run. You can also preset a power song that can helo you once you’ve hit that runner’s wall. It’s helped me through a few of my own.
  2. Runkeeper – This nifty app is also a great way to track and keep a record of all your runs. It’s simple to use and also has audio support for your favorite playlists. The best feature in my opinion is that it and also provides you with training plans for your next races. Like Nike, it also has an online community of runners 
  3. Map my run – Map my run is an app that focuses a lot on GPS and tracking so that you can see your runs live. If you’re an outdoor runner (which you should be), this is a great app to see where you’ve had your runs and try to set personal records which each go around your routes.

2 responses on “My Top 3 Running Apps

  1. sjbaird123 says:

    Runkeeper is ok, haven’t tried the others. I’m on a windows phone so don’t have the same apps as in android or ios.

    As for running, i do it to feel good, and to destress.

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