My father the mentor, and the story of how I became a trainer

16 June 2012, Comments 0

I say it all the time when people ask how I started training people before I was 16 years old. I became an apprentice to my dad while he was still the conditioning coach of Shell in the PBA. What I usually leave out and what I’ll reveal right now is WHY I actually became his apprentice.

When I was young I never really thought I was gonna be a trainer. In fact, I was so set at becoming something other than what my dad was. Blaze my own trail. I wanted to be a film maker or an architect. Sure I enjoyed sports, I was in the varsity basketball team for all of my elementary and high school days and I enjoyed the competition. But I never really saw myself as a trainer.

Until that fateful day.

You see, I was a lot to handle growing up. I guess I was being a teenager but in reality I was a lot more. I had a girlfriend who was equally as immature as I was and I got into a lot of trouble because of that. One day we wanted to go on a date, but I didn’t have the money. Sooooo, I made what any immature high school student in a relationship would do, kumupit ako. haha. Well long story short, I got caught, and my dad was beside himself. I’ve never seen him so angry and what was worse was I’ve never seen him so disappointed. But my dad was and is a smart guy, instead of grounding me and rendering me useless, his sentence was for me to earn back what i stole by being his apprentice for that summer vacation. Of course that meant less time for other fun things so it sucked, but I learned so much that summer, and it was the first time I actually thought that I could do what my dad did, and it would be cool.

Looking back, if he didn’t do that, I don’t know how my life so far would’ve turned out.

For that and sooooo much more. I love you dad.

This Father’s day, let’s remember how our dads inspired us to be the best we can be, yet love us no matter what happens. How did your dad inspire you?

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