Must download app: Gymboss 2 (with a bonus workout)

27 March 2012, Comments 0


If you do a lot of interval training, or if you’re like me and you like timing your reps and doing work capacity training, the Gymboss 2 will be a perfect partner to your workouts. I first encountered the Gymboss with kettlebell guru, Steve Cotter. He was wearing it like one of those old beepers and I got intrigued.

the old gym boss

When we finally got one at 360, it became my best friend. Problem was, after a month it was so worn out that everything broke down. That’s why if you have an iphone, ipad or ipod touch and you like training, get it now.

You got it? good. Now try this workout for size:

Set it up like so:

1. On the main screen, tap “create timer”, and name it work capacity

2. Tap the “edit timer” button and choose a color and sound then set the time to 4 seconds then tap “back”

3. Tap “rounds” and set it to 60 rounds

4. Click Start and do the workout below

This setting will give you a work capacity workout good for 4 minutes with a rate of 15 reps per minute. You can actually go 5 minutes or more, just reset the timer since it only goes up to 60 rounds, hope later versions can give you unlimited rounds.

The workout:

1. Burpees

2. Push ups

3. Body rows or pull ups

4. Up and down plank or toe touches


0 responses on “Must download app: Gymboss 2 (with a bonus workout)

  1. how do you do body rows or pull ups at home without equipment? what are up and down planks?

    • Coach Chappy says:

      Unfortunately, if you don’t have a horizontal bar, it would be hard to do it so you can switch that by doing dumb bell rows. If you don’t have dumb bells, use heavy books :) up and down planks are planks where you go from your forearms to your palms and back down, that’s 1 rep :)

  2. Gabz Marigza says:

    Is there an android app similar to this?

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