Meat-less Month Recap: Week 1

8 September 2014
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It’s been a week since I started the meatless month. After day 1 I thought, how hard could it be? That’s before I went to the grocery and ran smack into the steak section. Like I said, I love eating meat. I just never realized that I was on auto-pilot whenever I wanted something to eat. I would automatically go with meat. Chops, burgers, BBQ. If I had to list my top 5 dishes, all would have some meat in it.

So by day 2, I already started craving for a burger. This is when the challenge helps. Having this out there, keeps me motivated and disciplined. One tip if you guys want to keep a personal challenge going is to tell people about it. Not only will you get a lot of support from your (real) friends, you will also get a lot of policing from them. Helps you stick with the rules.

Some more tips that have gotten me through the first week:

1. Get your friends and family in on it. It’s easier when you don’t have to watch them eat pork chops at dinner while you have your tuna salad.

2. Drink your veggies. I’m not a big fan of juicing because you lose some of the fiber but it’s still a good war to at lease get your veggies quick.

3. Buy fresh vegetables. Not only do they taste better, seeing them not in packaging gives you more assurance that you’re getting clean veggies.

4. Make a veggies sandwich. If you’re like me  and you love sandwiches but you want to stay away from meat, roast some veggies and add some seasoning and olive oil. Toss them around in a salad bowl and then toast 2 slices of bread. Put some mustard if you want. Then place the veggies for the sandwich. Great snack for mid day.

I also did not feel too hungry which was my concern going into this project. Vegetables aren’t really caloric-dense so you have to eat a lot more. I did eat a lot of noodles and bread for my carbs and I haven’t been very good with keeping the snacking down. It’s really more psychological than anything else. Since I can’t have meat, I’m compensating with snacks, which isn’t good. Good thing I just bought a big bag of trail mix so at least I’m not snacking on too much sweets and chips.

So, are you doing this with me? How was your first week? :)

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